About Palma Shore Services Lda

Palma Shore Services Lda is a fully registered, licensed and incorporated Mozambican company, set up and strategically positioned to play a leading role in providing services and solutions to the developing oil and gas sector in Mozambique.

PSS is the formalisation of a strategic partnership between Consolidated Oil and Gas Services (COGS) and Consolidated Marine Contractors (Comarco), incorporated to provide a specific focus on delivering a cargo logistics solution in Palma, Mozambique to any companies looking to deliver cargo and goods into the region.

COGS is a Mozambican based company that provides specialist services principally to the mining and oil and gas services industries in Mozambique in particular and to the Southern African region in general, offering localised knowledge and expertise in these industries.

Comarco is an East African based marine logistics company, providing general shipping services together with specialised marine logistics, beach landings and cargo handling solutions in Africa and further afield.

Through combining their resources, local knowledge and experience, Palma Shore Services will deliver bespoke solutions on a turn key basis to local challenges in the region.

Cargo Offloading Facilities in the Afungi bay

Palma Shore Services (PSS) will provide first class turnkey solutions for receiving, handling, discharging and landing bulk, breakbulk (including OOG and heavy lift) and containerised cargoes ashore in the remote region of Palma, in the Cabo Delgado Province, Republic of Mozambique.

PSS will establish Temporary Cargo Offloading Facilities (TCOF) in the Afungi bay area in locations, which have already been secured and extensively surveyed both above and below the high water mark for suitability for the proposed operations. 

Each TCOF will consist of a beachhead landing site, a laydown area for cargoes, all cargo handling equipment as required, as well as base and fly camps to house all PSS and Comarco support personnel to sustain 24 hour operations.

Each TCOF will be well supported both offshore by marine equipment supplied by Comarco and designed to handle the specific requirements of cargo transport and beaching, and onshore for the delivery of cargoes from laydown to receivers warehouse within a fifteen km radius.

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About Comarco Group

Comarco was established in 1971, in Mombasa, Kenya before expanding its range of activities and area of operations throughout the entire Indian Ocean and along the Eastern Africa Seaboard. Comarco is now the leading marine and specialised logistics contractor in the region with over forty years of experience.

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About COGS

Consolidated, Oil and Gas Services (COGS) is a Mozambican based company that focuses on providing a selection of products and services to the mining, oil and gas services industry in Mozambique, South Africa, and neighbouring countries. COGS delivers the products and services through its specialist subsidiaries.

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